Plastics have very important applications in the medical field, and injection products are the most widely used. In view of the stringent requirements for hygiene and package cleanliness of some medical injection products, it is necessary to use a clean room when forming. At the same time, the precision, thinning and high productivity requirements of medical injection products pose challenges to the production units such as injection moulding machines, moulds and manipulators and their matching.

Plastics are increasingly replacing traditional inorganic materials in the medical field, such as metals, glass, ceramics and apatite. This year, the market of medical plastics products is growing rapidly at a double-digit rate every year, especially medical injection products, which contribute the most, because injection products are the largest products in medical plastics products, accounting for more than 70%. Medical injection products are widely used. According to different uses, they can be roughly divided into the following categories: logistics, such as equipment trays; containers, such as infusion bottles; health care, such as fitness equipment; organs, such as plastic joints.

Injection products are an important part of medical devices. To understand the application of injection products in medical devices industry, we must first understand the classification of medical devices. According to the definition of medical devices in EUCOMED, medical devices can be divided into 11 categories: accessory devices used by the disabled (such as wheelchairs, crutches, etc.), active and passive implantable devices (such as stents, cardiac rhythms, etc.), anaesthetic/respiratory devices (such as oxygen masks, anaesthetic respiratory tubes, etc.), dental devices, electronic medical and imaging devices. In these categories, injection products are ubiquitous, from small to electronic ear components, to wheelchairs, scooters, or even from CLASS I class I medical devices to CLASS III class III medical devices, you can see the application of injection products.

The application characteristics of automobile exterior decorative parts are replacing steel with plastic to reduce automobile self-weight. The main components of interior decorative parts are bumper, fender, wheel cover, diversion board, etc. The main components of interior decorative parts are dashboard, door inner panel, auxiliary dashboard, sundry box cover, seat, rear guard panel, etc. The main functional and structural parts are mailbox, radiator water chamber, air filter cover, fan blade, etc.

With the development of medical industry and plastic technology, more and more medical products will be used in plastics. In medical plastic products, injection products are the most common, covering almost all areas of medical products, from laboratory consumables, anesthetic delivery equipment, infusion pipelines to surgical instruments and inhalers.

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