Vertical injection moulding machine mainly aims at the injection moulding of connecting wires, various electronics, computer data wires and power plug wires, etc. The precision standard of injection moulding products is not high. The injection moulding of plastic materials such as PVC and PE is generally dominant, and the clamping force for the specific applicable model specifications of this product varies from 15T to 35T, because the specific modulus and configuration of each manufacturer’s model are different. Before purchasing, the manufacturer must come to the factory to determine the specific parameters and specifications of the model, etc.

Electronic components are the basic elements of electronic circuits, usually packaged individually, with two or more leads or metal contacts.

Electronic components must be interconnected to form an electronic circuit with specific functions, such as amplifiers, radio receivers, oscillators, etc. One of the common ways to connect electronic components is to weld them to printed circuit boards. Electronic components may be packaged separately (resistors, capacitors, inductors, transistors, diodes, etc.) or groups of different complexity, such as integrated circuits (operational amplifiers, rejection, logic gates, etc.).

Widely used in buttons, chargers, electrical appliances, stationery, lampshades, instrument housing, chassis, furniture, sporting goods, gears, tableware, surface, decorations, glue, small building materials, soles, color plates, hoses, hard pipes, soft boards, hard boards, mechanical accessories, tool housing, lens, automobiles, meters, electronic parts, sockets, power lines, headphone wires, telecommunications, key chains. Toys, plugs, sockets, connectors, USB cables, switches, etc.

How does the 3 pin India Plug made?

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