With the development of economy and the progress of science and technology, the world’s automobile industry is developing rapidly, the people’s living standard is improving, and the demand for automobiles is

increasing. In the next five to fifteen years, automobiles will be one of the main products of the people’s walking tools in the world, which brings a very good prospect to the products of automobile vulnerable parts (plastic parts).In recent years, the demand for automobiles in various parts of the world has increased.

The auto parts market is more and more obvious. It is in the next five to fifteen years that the automobile sales market will be saturated, but the demand for automobile vulnerable parts (plastic parts) will be greater and the prospects will be better.In addition, the road topography is complex, the equipments of transportation equipment can not keep up with it, and some drivers who buy new cars lack practical driving experience. The incidence of traffic accidents is very high, which also brings production to our products. With the increase of supply and demand, the development and production of automotive vulnerable parts (plastic parts) is a product with very broad prospects and a very large market. It is also a product with small input and large output rate, high profit and quick recovery of funds.

With the development of automobile toward lightweight, low cost and comfort, the trend of plasticization of automobile parts will continue. Therefore, injection moulds for automobile parts will be popular and have broad development space.

The application characteristics of automobile exterior decorative parts are replacing steel with plastic to reduce automobile self-weight. The main components of interior decorative parts are bumper, fender, wheel cover, diversion board, etc. The main components of interior decorative parts are dashboard, door inner panel, auxiliary dashboard, sundry box cover, seat, rear guard panel, etc. The main functional and structural parts are mailbox, radiator water chamber, air filter cover, fan blade, etc.


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